May 2015



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May Lumber Market Report

All three markets, green douglas fir, OSB and western sheathing are soft and some items are at 2 year lows, with imports from Canada up and exports to China down the markets are over produced.  

Mills have started talk about curtailments. This could cause some shortages down the road and prices to increase.

May Store Special

Receive a $50 Big Creek Gift Card for every $500 spent on Fortress Railings during May. Gift Cards will be awarded in June.

See an Associate for Details. Gift Cards may be redeemed for future purchases. Promotion 5/1 - 5/30/15. 

Building Trends - Budget-Friendly Tech Tools: Cheap, even free tech tools to boost your sales performance

By Craig Webb

REMODELING's resident technology expert, Joe Stoddard, regularly produces lists of free or low-cost software for remodelers. In a presentation at the Remodeling|Deck|JLC Show in Baltimore last October, Stoddard gave the scoop on several tools geared toward sales and marketing.

According to Stoddard, if you're a startup or extremely small, these might do the trick. Likewise, if you're starting a project and want low-cost software to minimize expenses, these might also work. But ultimately, as your business grows, odds are that you'll want to move to the older, more robust, more expensive systems. 

It's important to note that anytime you're using a free service, there's some sort of cost extracted, Stoddard says. In the case of Google and other companies, it's that they're aggregating and selling your data to marketing services and manufacturers.  Read More...

Community Support - Lud McCrary Day in Santa Cruz County

Lud McCrary has been a staple of lumber industry for decades and many know him for Lud with His Proclamation.jpgco-founding Big Creek Lumber in 1946, but he's more proud of his community involvement. McCrary has been donating his time, money, materials and knowledge to improve our communities for years. In honor of Lud McCrary's contributions to Santa Cruz County, it was announced by Supervisor Ryan Coonerty that April 2, 2015 would be Lud McCrary Day in the County of Santa Cruz.

The proclamation specifically honored Lud's service for over three decades on the Agricultural Policy Advisory Commission, extensive knowledge and documentation of Santa Cruz County history, his effort in the 1980's on Feral Pig Depredation, assistance with fire emergencies by providing time and equipment which saved lives and property. Upon stepping down, Lud's daughter Ellen McCrary Rinde has stepped up for the role on the Agricultural Policy Advisory Commission and is proud to continue with the family tradition of service.

The proclamation stated, "Santa Cruz County is a better place because Lud has given back to the community in so many ways."

Lud is truly honored and humbled by this recognition. Consistent with Lud's understated style and sharing his success with others, Lud will celebrated with cake with the 100 employees in Davenport. He still works at Big Creek after 69 years and has passed management responsibilities onto his daughters and nephew.


Employee Spotlight

Kenny Engelhaupt - Packaging Station Operator

How long have you worked at Big Creek Lumber?  Kenny Revised.jpg

I've been at Big Creek Lumber for 11 years, working my way to my current position through many steps along the way.

What' your favorite part of working for Big Creek? 

I like producing a quality product every day that we can stand behind. The lumber process starts at the beginning and goes through a long process to make quality lumber.

I enjoy working for a good company, and my favorite part is my co-workers. We manage to have a little fun too.

What do you like to do for fun? 

My favorite activity is mountain biking or taking my kids to the beach. And I enjoy spending time with my wife and hanging out with our family.

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