Forestry Services

In addition to managing its own timberland, Big Creek Lumber provides a comprehensive package of forest management services to other private timberland owners.  For land owners interested developing a timber harvest and management program on their property, Big Creek Lumber's skilled and professional forestry staff offers a complete package of forestry services, including resource assessment, development of timber harvest plans, navigation and procurement of permits required by Cal Fire, the California Department of Fish and Game, the Regional WDSC_0250.JPGater Quality Control Board and county governments, oversight of harvest operations and purchase of logs.  Through our strong working relationships with government agencies, other forest landowners, and the local community, and by utilizing either our own highly skilled logging crew or preferred contractors, Big Creek Lumber is able to provide you with customized forestry services.

A Big Creek Lumber forester measures a tree for harvest.

Big Creek Lumber is committed to practicing the same high level of forestland management on client lands as we do on our own properties.  Many of our clients have developed partnerships with us for long-term continuing management and as a result have been able to meet a wide range of forest management objectives, including:

  • Increased forest vigor, timber growth, and forest income potential,
  • Reduced soil erosion through road maintenance and restoration,
  • Diminished fire hazard through reduction of fuels,
  • Improved forestland access through well-designed roads,
  • Enhanced wildlife habitat and water quality through site restoration, and
  • Valuable educational opportunities in resource management.

Logs being loaded on a logging truck

While Big Creek Lumber does not offer individual tree removal services, we can guide you to the appropriate resources to suit your needs.

Big Creek Lumber will purchase redwood logs from landowners and tree service professionals once they have secured the proper permits to merchandise trees removed from around houses and other structures.

For further information about our forestry services or how to arrange for the purchase of your logs by Big Creek Lumber, please contact:

Bob Berlage  (831) 457-5026