Redwood lumber is beautiful, versatile and sustainable.  When you build with redwood, you capture the natural beauty and unique properties of this softwood.  Redwood is prized not only for its exceptional beauty, but for its ease of workability, resistance to shrinking, warping and checking, and natural fire and bug resistant properties.

Big Creek Lumber is renowned for carrying the largest selection and highest quality redwood lumber available.  We are unique among many other lumber yards in that our redwood comes directly from our own forests and sawmill, which means we are able to offer our customers a product that is not only high in quality and consistency, but also at a more competitive price than our competitors.

Redwood and Fire Safety Compliance

Redwood has been thoroughly tested and has been found to be safe and compliant with California's most recent and strict fire codes. The tannins and natural resistance that protect redwood trees in forests also protect redwood decks against fire.

Going beyond anecdotal evidence that goes back decades, redwood decking has performed extremely well in flame-spread and heat-release lab tests and has earned a Class B compliance rating, which means redwood decking is safe to use even in the Wildland-Urban Interface. Redwood decking is also listed in California's Fire Marshal's guide of approved building materials.

In a series of fire performance tests conducted on 12 commercial decking materials, California redwood ranked number one in flame resistance.  Construction Heart 2x6, the most widely used redwood decking material in California, was the only product that exhibited no degradation effects such as runaway flaming combustion, flaming drops or particles falling from the deck or collapse of a deck board with or without load during the long exposure tests.  You can view Redwood's Fire Performance Data Sheet here.

Our retail stores stock a variety of redwood products, including:

  • Dimensional lumber
  • Trim and moulding
  • Redwood decking
  • Beams
  • Lattice
  • Fencing
  • Pre-built fence and gate panels
  • Siding in multiple patterns and profiles
  • Merch and Economy redwood for planter boxes 


Our primary decking products are 2x6 Construction Heart (Con Heart) and Construction Common (Con Common).  Both have similar knot structures and are available in 8-20 foot lengths.  Construction Heart is all red in color, while Construction Common has a combination of red and blond wood.  The red heartwood contains tannin, which is more resistive to decay and damage caused by insects.  It works well in damp environments where you need a product that is both beautiful and durable.  Redwood Construction Common does well in dry, arid climates.  It is affordable and adds value to any home.

In addition to Con Heart and Con Common, Big Creek Lumber can provide higher grades of redwood decking, including:

  • Redwood Clear Heart, 
  • Redwood Heart B/Select Heart, 
  • Redwood Clear, and 
  • Redwood B/Select.  

Higher grades are only available in random lengths.


Redwood fencing is available in both Construction Heart and Construction Common grades.  We typically stock 5-foot and 6-foot lengths in 1x6, 1x8, 1x10 and 1x12 dimensions.  Other dimensions and lengths can be easily special ordered from our sawmill.  We also stock a full line of Redwood Construction Heart posts from 4x4 to 6x6.


Our redwood siding is available either green or air-dried in random lengths.  Green lumber is unseasoned and has high moisture content.  Air-dried lumber is staked and stickered every layer, allowing material to dry slowly and evenly.  We stock a wide variety of horizontal sidings, including:

  • B-grade V-Rustic (Shiplap) in 1x6 and 1x8 
  • Clear V-Rustic (Shiplap) in 1x10 
  • Clear Rabbetted Bevel in 5/4x8 and 5/4x10
  • Kiln Dried T&G in 1x8
  • Clear 2-Lap in 1x6 
  • Clear 3-lap in 1x8 
  • B-Grade Cove Rustic in 1x8 and 1x10