Siding and Trim

Big Creek Lumber carries a large selection of siding and trim products to provide the finishing touches to your project.


We carry a large selection of siding products, including redwood, Douglas fir and pine siding, Hardiplank siding and T1-11.

Redwood Siding

Our redwood siding is available either green or air-dried in random lengths.  Green lumber is unseasoned and has high moisture content.  Air-dried lumber is staked and stickered every layer, allowing material to dry slowly and evenly. 

We stock a wide variety of horizontal sidings, including:

  • B-grade V-Rustic (Shiplap) in 1x6 and 1x8, 
  • Clear V-Rustic (Shiplap) in 1x10, 
  • Clear Rabbetted Bevel in 5/4x8 and 5/4x10, 
  • Kiln Dried T&G in 1x8, 
  • Clear 2-Lap in 1x6, 
  • Clear 3-lap in 1x8, and 
  • B-Grade Cove Rustic in 1x8 and 1x10.


In addition to siding, Big Creek Lumber carries an extensive selection of Redwood, Lifespan and Advantage trim.  We also sell Big Creek Reserve, a solid all-heart, pre-primed redwood product for trim and fascia applications. 

Get more information about our Siding and Trim products in our eShowroom.