Redwood Sawmill Products

Big Creek Lumber's sawmill, located in Davenport, California, manufactures and wholesales a wide variety of redwood lumber products to independent wholesalers, stocking distributors and remanufacturing facilities. Big Creek Lumber's sawmill produces approximately 20 million board feet of redwood lumber annually. We are well known for producing high quality redwood products and providing an outstanding level of personalized service.

We care about the environment and all redwood that comes out of our Big Creek Lumber Mill in Davenport, CA is harvested using sustainable practices which conserve for future generations. Our production is managed ethically without compromise.


California redwood is 100% natural, untreated softwood that is prized for its versatile beauty. It is very workable and valued for its stability, durability and natural fire resistant properties. Big Creek Lumber manufactures redwood lumber in many dimensions and grades. Our products include dimension lumber, decking, fencing, custom timbers, sidings, fascia and trim. Our remanufacturing facility allows our customers the flexibility to surface, profile, resaw, trim, custom pull, end-wax or wrap the products we manufacture.

All of our mill by-product is utilized to produce 100% redwood mulch products including our redwood sawdust mix and shredded redwood bark. These products are outstanding for use as soil amendments and for landscaping groundcover.

Freight Options

Customers can take delivery of their order FOB our mill, or we can help arrange to have it delivered. For truckload quantity deliveries throughout central California, Big Creek Lumber can use its own delivery fleet. We are located approximately 75 miles from the Port of Oakland.

Greenchain with lumber coming out of the sawmill

Dimensions Offered

We primarily cut 2X4 through 2X12, 4X4, 4X6 and 6X6. Our 2" thick rough green lumber is cut at a nominal 1.667". Our widths are nominally 0.2" short of full dimension. Our 2" and larger surfaced size is standard at 0.5" short of full dimension (surfaced 2X6 nets at 1.5"X5.5"). Our 1" patterns are run at a nominal standard 11/16". We will also custom cut timbers of up to 20X20 and up to 24' in length.

For special projects that require dimensions not typically cut in our sawmill, we will sometimes custom-mill lumber to customer specifications. If you have a project that will require custom milling, please contact our Wholesale Sales staff to discuss your options for getting the best material for your job.

Special Redwood Products

For special projects, Big Creek Lumber offers unique and visually stunning large redwood slabs, burl and curly grain in limited quantities.